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Can we admit Batman vs. Superman ISN’T THAT BAD already? (Opinion)

Batman arguing with Superman

In recent years, DC has had some highs which have been offset by the much-perceived lows of its film adaptations for some of our favorite comic book superheroes. Many fans argue the buck stops with the filmmaker — aka Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder, and Patty Jenkins, to list a few.

I’m just going to get it off my chest… I enjoyed Batman vs. Superman. There, I said it! And it’s a huge relief to finally say it freely. And before you get all judgmental on me, I’m a cinephile. I love everything from foreign films to Kubrick to the MCU. Can there be a little love for us open-minded fans already?

Now, considering us DC Extended Universe fans, for every review of The Dark Knight, we’re summarily tasked with also making sense of Superman Returns or Suicide Squad. But there are other films that have been completely dismissed for only just a few mistakes, which completely contradicts comic book lore.

For every ‘perfect’ comic book, I can show you dozens of failed attempts. Still, this doesn’t make me stop buying comic books altogether. The idea of art is to take chances. I get it. So, why is it when Man of Steel is brought up, we have to deal with fans gnashing their teeth and angrily proclaiming, “This isn’t Superman! Superman wouldn’t kill Zod! Superman could’ve easily saved Jonathan Kent!”

Let’s take a step back.

Comic books have been adapting and changing with the times since, well, since their inception. Like hero myths of old — yes, I’m looking at you, Perseus, Heracles, and, ahem, Thor — heroes have been updated. How many people do you hear saying, Thor would never sit around watching TV and getting fat!

Then, why in our post-9/11 world are we angry that Superman isn’t saving cats from trees? If you want to show your kids Christopher Reeves, go watch him. It’s not like he hadn’t made enough films as the Big blue boy scout.


I can spend pages upon pages, and probably even publish a book, detailing every little issue with every DC film out there. But c’mon, let’s appreciate some aspects of our Superman — and, yes, I said ours, because whether you like it or not, this is our generation’s Man of Steel. Let’s take a little pride in that. If a being from another world, who could throw a tank into the sun, fly from here to the South Pole in a matter of seconds, and shoot lasers from his eyes showed up one day, we’d probably start worshiping him as a god. And that’s exactly what Zack Snyder’s approach was.

Now, I won’t argue the “Martha” issue because what I previously addressed above. I’m not suggesting Batman vs. Superman is a perfect film. But why should it be? I remember reading comic books as a kid under my blankets with a flashlight wishing that Hollywood would make a film like this.

And they actually did it! I mean, Holy Cow! We should be cheering filmmakers for taking these kinds of chances. I for one will continue to applaud the chances Hollywood takes, and I implore DC to weather the storm. I truly believe films like Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman will stand the test of time. And if not, they’re super fun to popcorn munch to in theaters.

Can I get an Amen?

Anyway, with films like Joker having just been released and Birds of Prey premiering in 2020, I for one am so excited for DC’s future. All I can say is keep em’ coming DC. I’ll be here supporting you every step of the way.

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