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John Oliver on 'Last Week Tonight' Settles the Coke vs. Pepsi Debate

John Oliver on Coke vs. Pepsi
Lloyd Bishop/HBO
“Not only did we dump our allies without warning. We left a refrigerator of free Coke for whoever took our place.”

In his segment criticizing Trump for betraying the U.S.’s Kurdish allies, John Oliver takes a moment to show footage of a Russian reporter walking freely within an abandoned U.S. base just hours after American troops left.

As troops departed in haste, much of the base remained intact which was more than evident as the reporter came across a facility with fully stocked refrigerators.

Oliver goes on to chide that the reporter blatantly ignored the fridge full of Pepsi right next to it. As he went on to remark, “Because even to Russian reporters, the answer to ‘Is Pepsi okay?’ is a resounding Nyet.”

Even if the company tried, Coca-Cola couldn’t put together a more accurate focus group. Besides, it is in Oliver’s nature to solve some of the world’s most pressing matters. Fortunately for us, we have our answer on the age-old debate.

Oliver goes on to compare the way the U.S. military pulled out of Syria to how one would leave a party after clogging the toilet. “Quickly, leaving everything behind and forcing someone else to deal with all the shit.”

Trump’s Syria policy has been heavily criticized by many Americans, especially including the mainstream media. Even many Trump supporters at Fox News have expressed their discontent with his decision. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has expressed issue with recent events, stating, “he hopes [Trump] will reconsider, stop the bloodshed, and reset the table before it’s too late.”

Since his decision to pull American troops from Syria, Trump has doubled down on his decision and has even complimented Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has been universally criticized for his questionable leadership and history of strongman tactics.

In other news, before fans of Coca-Cola rejoice, it has been reported by Forbes Magazine that the soft drink giant is the world’s most polluting brand in plastic waste. To Oliver’s credit, there are so many takedowns, and yet so little time.

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