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Reddit Explodes: Give Dan a Chance, Bill! Fan Response to Maher on Real Time (Opinion)

Dan Carlin tries to talk sense to corporate shills on Real Time

Much to the chagrin of Dan Carlin’s fans, Bill Maher continuously stifles Dan Carlin on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher. Hardcore History superstar podcaster Dan Carlin appeared on the October 25th episode of Real Time to announce his new book “The End is Always Near,” and Reddit has absolutely blown up in response to his treatment on Maher’s show.

General consensus is absolutely appalled by an episode where celebrity anchor Chris Cuomo gets an undivided 11 minutes and 45 seconds, Zach Galifianakis is permitted all the time in the world to comment on social media trends, and… Dan Carlin gets cut off every second he opens his mouth?

One user, misanthropicpopulist, comments, “Dan got cut off from making salient points, so we could hear Donny blather on,” referring to personality Don Deutsch of MSNBC.

Another user, btn1136 adds in: “I couldn’t believe it. First time I’ve watched a show like this in years and it was like watching an episode of Black Mirror. Danny Deutsch is like the anti-Dan.”

On a similar thread, Gator629 says: “Jesus…..that was frustrating….the Overtime show was worse…..Dan was asked a point blank question about potential civil war and Donny [Deutsch] cut him off and spewed something far less intelligent than we were about to hear.”

However, not everyone was appalled by Carlin’s treatment.

Haveyouheardthis comments, “My take was not that Dan got “cut off”. I love the guy, and we all know how much he has to offer. But to my eyes, he didn’t even try. This is the kind of show where you are not going to be heard if you don’t assert yourself, and why be there if you don’t intend to do so? He was unwilling to do what was necessary to make salient points. If that was how he felt, he shouldn’t have gone on the show.”

Dan Carlin began his career as a news reporter, columnist, and radio talk show host before finding his niche on internet radio and podcasting. He found initial success with his show ‘Common Sense with Dan Carlin’ but really blew up in recent years with his smash hit ‘Hardcore History’ podcast.

His perspective is respectably unbiased, choosing to look at history and world events in his self-described ‘Martian’ viewpoints. This way, he can look at matters objectively, which has been far from what most news programs today are capable of — hence, why most people are fleeing cable for internet alternatives.

Fans have noted sensing Maher’s reluctance of Carlin from his moment of introduction on the show. On a show where Maher champions hosting both Liberal and Conservative guests, he seems to have no patience for objectivity and unbiased analyses among those who claim no banner.

What do you think?


For Dan Carlin’s latest Hardcore History episode, ‘Supernova in the East III’ about World War II and the war with the Japanese on the Pacific front, you can listen to it in its complete 4-hour entirety for FREE.

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